Hi guys ... I made a new program to help in Conquer .. Before anyone says a bad word here, please try first Hack and check hack with the antivirus program (this is the Hack i'm did through the Cheat Engin program)WORK At Patch 6672 Open my programe Run As Adminstrator now i show you how u Use my hack ( watch in youtube)https://youtu.be/stZvJI1Yc4g1- You must open the game first then the programe after it2- You must type the name and password to enter the programusername : adminpassword : admin3- now to see how to use the program inside the game ..4- When you use the speed in the program does not exceed the limit as written 120 - 130 it is good ..If you use more speed than this you will get disconnected from the game server5 - If you get disconnected at any time and you use the programyou must close the game and the program and then run them again ...6- I will always update the program when a new patch in the gameDownload ..https://www.up-4ever.com/u32z6npheopv8 - GoodBye