English education in the global economy is critical to success. Learning it from an early age is even more important as children and teens benefit greatly from their young minds. Fortunately for adults the process is accessible also with a good teacher and materials. Listen and Learn English is a YouTube channel providing free complete English lessons. They start from the very first level of phonics and progress up to writing full sentences in less than 100 lessons. The teacher is a native English speaker from America with a clear accent and dictation. Copying his pronunciation will help greatly with your accent as well. The best thing about this teacher is that he is continually adding new videos increasing the level of difficulty in his course. All that you need to begin learning English is a notebook and a pencil. His early phonics lessons focus on repetitive sounds and learning how to read naturally. His current lessons focus on grammar and sentence building. You can learn hundreds of new words through his free course. He even actively responds to his students in the comments sections of each video. This allows you to ask questions and have your sentences checked for accuracy. One of the best things you can do for your children or even your self is learning a new language. Learning English is one of the most valuable languages in the world, especially in the areas of medicine, business and academics. Learning English can give you a large boost in your future. I encourage you to check out Listen and Learn English