www.RadioArt.com "The Music of Sound"

by Kersasp D. Shekhdar

"The Sound of Music"? Or "The Music of Sound?" Which is more accurate? If you are a RadioArt.com subscriber, the answer is both! For, trust me, there is music in sound. And so relaxing and soothing, or stimulating and bracing, or meditative and sleep-inducing, that sound is truly a music unto itself. And this to the extent that RadioArt.com feature closely-related but distinct and granular Sound channels - try exploring the difference between 'Positivity,' 'Meditation,' 'Sleep,' and 'Healing.'
Many tracks feature polyphonic harmonies, both acoustic and synthesized, at gentle tempos without sudden loud bursts. This type of sound-music is well known to be ideal for active introspection and contemplation, and for passive relaxation and psychic healing. You can actively savor the experience or passively let it wash over you.
And so, if you've ever felt your shoulder muscles bunch up, if your breathing ever got ragged with anxiety, instant Music Therapy is a click away on your tablet or smartphone, courtesy of RadioArt app - and, what is more, RadioArt.com basic service is free. Users of RadioArt.com basic free service hear a gentle, soft promotional message at regular intervals; the message details some benefits of membership. A very reasonable outlay will bring practitioners of Music Therapy a top-quality 'Musical First Aid Kit.'

Gaia's Greatest Hits!
Apart from sounds generated by an array of acoustic instruments and synthesizers, RadioArt.com also feature real-life sounds courtesy of Mother Nature recorded live on-site. From Wind to Storm, from Cicadas to Whales, RadioArt.com brings the 'Voices of Mother Nature' to you - right there in your fifth-floor cubicle next to the copy machine. Hear the wind and the rain, listen to the breeze ruffling a brook and listen to the brook babbling over the rocks; marvel at the sounds of planet Earth; meditate with "Gaia's Greatest Hits"!
However, RadioArt.com bring in some variation too: if you tire of listening to the wind and the rain, try the gentle tinkles of Tibetan Bowls or the harmonious jingling of Wind Chimes. And the list goes on. You can listen to ageless 'Age of Aquarius' Sounds ranging from (Western) Vocal New Age to (East Asian) Mantras. All these 'extras' are available for a low-cost membership plan, which brings with it goodies like higher-quality audio and the ability to bookmark favorites.
Radio Art.com also provides one and all unlimited totally free access to its music at a streaming bit-rate of 96 kbps with a promotional message at intervals. Although RadioArt promo is as soft and soothing as RadioArt music, a low-cost membership will remove even that. But a membership brings you more - much more. For starters, your streams will be high quality at 192 kbps.
Next, as RadioArt.com offers 120 music channels you may have some trouble finding the 20 or 25 channels you really love and play over and over again. No prob: as a member you can bookmark your favorite channels. Once that is done, simply head to your 'Favorites' page to make a convenient selection. Better yet, each member can build his or her personalized 'My Radio.' Using this feature, you can not only drag-and-drop your favorite channels but preset their playing times on a timer. Set up Opera for 8 p.m., Sleep for midnight, and Song Bird as your 7 o'clock alarm! Where else can you do this but RadioArt.com?

A Tailor-Made 'Palette' with Customizable 'Colors'
Things get even more interesting for members. RadioArt.com let you blend one or two nature sounds into a music channel. First, be forewarned that Latin Mix and Delta Waves may not mix and match too well. But, hey, it's your radio so go ahead and give it a shot! But we do recommend juicing up Bossa Nova with an infusion of Rain Forest. If you're interested in Classical, try blending Peaceful Forest with Classical Relaxation. If you're the beach bum type, you may like the sound of Beach Waves intermingled with Chillout & Tropical. You have over a thousand combinations from which to build your personalized blends.
Oh, wait- there's still more! On RadioArt.com pop-up player, where you see those little triangles to the right of the green bars, try clicking them for a customization like nowhere else. When you click, you'll see a drop-down menu with several bars, each with a different striping pattern. Choose a bar for each of the two or three channels you are mixing and the channels will automatically continuously fade in and fade out of each other per your customized, dynamic blend for an incredible and unique listening experience!
So experiment. And enjoy.
As each of us is an individual with his or her own tastes, RadioArt.com provide us with the means to custom-tailor our own relaxing music, meditation music, sleep music - any music. And this custom-tailoring can be done in any of the myriad ways outlined above . . . and even more. Thus, RadioArt.com is your 'one-stop shop' for getting a bespoke, made-to-order musical mood, including fine-tuning it so that you get it right; get it just right.
The entirety of The RadioArt.com Experience will not only beguile you, it will bring you inner peace, it will enrich your life, it will even cultivate your very spirit. Definitely RadioArt.com is the most 'colorful' yet best-curated 'palette' of sound and music you can hope to find.